A Perfect Accent to Every Room.

Commercial Works knows that happy employees are productive employees, so equip your team with great office furniture and intelligent office space. We have tons of ideas on how to build a workspace that suits your company and your goals, while bringing together the highest quality brands and office furniture.

From furniture liquidation finds to the acquisition of new or used furniture, and to the installation or configuration of cubicles and floorplans, Commercial Works can handle it all. We even have specialists in furniture repair to make an old office look new again. Let our space planners and office designers bring out the best in your office space. 

Furniture Acquisition, Installation and Repair Services from Commercial Works

  • Liquidation
  • New/Used
  • Relocation
  • Installation
  • Cubicle Reconfiguration
  • Repair/Touch Up
  • Space Planning
  • Warehouse Racking
  • Custom Chairs
  • FFE

Could your workspace use new or improved furniture? Get in touch to let the team at Commerical Works do the heavy lifting for you.

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