Art Installation

Your treasures hung with care.

Art is an integral part of modern office spaces, building lobbies, restaurants and commercial facilities. Art helps unify a space and creates a sense of belonging. But sometimes, you could use a hand mounting, hangining, displaying, or installing art in the workplace. That’s what Commercial Works does best!

We provide art installation across Northern Virginia. Our professional installers, all with building construction backgrounds, have the know-how to install art securily and safely to any surface, whether hanging paintings and pictures or installing sculptures and pieces. Level? Of course. Safe? You bet. No matter if the art is suspended 40 feet off the ground or tacked to drywall, we’ll get the job done right.

Our Art Installation Goes Far Beyond the Hammer and Nail

  • Hospitality, Lobby, Office and Restroom Installations
  • Receive, Store, Deliver, Install

Trust Commercial Works to install canvas, glass, metal, or bronze on just about any surface imagineable. It’s time to make the workspace beautiful again!

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